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6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Boat Battery

Boat battery

Looking for ways to eliminate unexpected drain on your boat or pontoon battery? Our Service Department compiled their expert tips to help your battery stay in top shape.

1. Disconnect one of the cables from the top of your battery before you leave the dock.

2. During hot, summer months, monitor the voltage more frequently.

Batteries will self discharge faster in high temperatures. We recommend checking your voltage every 2-4 weeks in the summer.

3. Trickle charge your battery.

Every 2 weeks or at least once a month take your battery home and place it on trickle charge. 

4. Avoid freezing temperatures.

Batteries CAN freeze. It’s best to avoid locations where freezing temperatures are expected.

5. Keep cold batteries charged.

If exposure to cold temperatures is unavoidable, and the battery is sitting outside during the cold winter months, it is critical that it is kept fully charged.

6. Trickle charge once a month in winter.

Take your boat battery home for the winter and place it on trickle charge once every month.

The life of a battery is difficult to predict but taking the time to keep it charged will save you time and money.

Having boat battery trouble?

If you need service or routine maintenance on your boat or pontoon battery, our service department is ready to help! Atwood Lake Boats-Marina West has a fully bonded/insured parts and service department with expertise in many fields. Learn more about our services here.

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