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Why Do I Need to Winterize My Boat or Pontoon?

Boats covered in shrink wrap in the parking lot at Atwood Lake Boats.
As we head into fall, it’s time to think about winterizing your boat or pontoon. Neglecting this step can lead to costly damages, reduced boat lifespan, and a host of other problems when springtime returns. Let’s discuss why winterizing your vessel is a necessity!

What is Boat Winterizing?

Our winterizing service prepares your boat for the harsh conditions of the winter months. The process helps guard against potential issues due to:

  • Freezing temperatures
  • Moisture
  • Inactivity

What Happens During the Boat Winterizing Service?

When having your pontoon winterized, we do the following:

  • Acid wash your pontoon or boat
  • Winterize the motor
  • Shrink wrap the boat to protect it while it is stored outside

What Happens When the Motor is Winterized?

Our certified technicians complete the following tasks during the motor winterizing service:

  • Change both engine oil and oil filter (4 stroke only)
  • Change lower unit oil and seals
  • Change the fuel / water separator (if equipped)
  • Condition the fuel
  • Disconnect the battery cables to prevent a draw over the winter

Why Should I Winterize My Pontoon or Boat?

Winterizing your pontoon or boat will reduce the chances of costly repairs and lengthen the lifespan of your boat. The service helps prevent freeze damages on the motor if water is trapped inside the engine or lower unit prior to changing fluids.

It also increases motor longevity by doing a yearly service of fluids. The acid washing process keeps pontoons clean of algae and debris that can affect performance. Additionally, shrink wrap keeps the boat protected from the winter elements.

Atwood Lake Boats Winterization Service

We offer several packages to our customers that include the following: hauling the boat out of the water, acid washing the pontoons, winterizing the motor, shrink wrap, outside winter storage and putting the boat back in the water in the spring. Learn more about our packages here.

We also offer individual Winterization Services including:

  • Boat haul out
  • Pontoon acid washing
  • Motor winterization
  • Shrink wrap
  • Hull cleaning
  • Storage
  • Sailboat haul out, mast stepping, motor winterization, hull cleaning and storage
  • Houseboat haul out, boat winterization, motor winterization, hull cleaning, and storage

Learn more about all pontoon and boat services here.

As you can see, winterizing is an important part of boat ownership. Preventive care of your boat or pontoon will keep you sailing smoothly on the water! Contact our Service Team today to discuss your service needs. Call: 330-364-4703 ext. 7502 or email: service@atwoodlakeboats.com.

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