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2024 Docking Rates

To inquire about pre-season discounts contact: docking@atwoodboats.com

2024 Dock Slip Fees (In-Season Rates)

Please note a 10% discount is available for those who pay their docking fee by March 1st (pre-season special rate).
  • All Standard Boats


  • Premium Dock Slips


  • Houseboats up to 40' in length


  • Houseboats per ft additional charge for every ft over 40


  • Personal watercraft docked w/another paid watercraft


  • Runabouts up to 16' docked w/another paid watercraft


  • Dock Extensions 10' - Sailboats


  • Dock extension 10' - houseboats


  • Utilities - Houseboats


  • Utilities - Sailboats


  • Trailer Storage**


  • Cradle Storage**


  • Hobie/Catamaran Storage**


  • Summer Storage/Dry Sailing - Per FT**


  • Overnight Docking/Dry Storage - Per Night**


Docking Details

Season is approximately May 1st to October 15th - weather permitting.
**Fees are taxable
Payment due in full by March 1st annually to qualify for pre-season rates.
Failure to pay pre-season will result in forfeiture of pre-season savings and dock slip guarantee.

Please contact Lisa by Text or Phone at 330-364-4703 or email lisa@atwoodboats.com for more info!

Docking Policy

Atwood Lake Boats, Inc.- Marina’s West & East
This notice states the policy concerning procedures to obtain a dock at any Marina operated by “Atwood Lake Boats”. These Marina’s would include Atwood Lake Marina West and Atwood Lake Marina East.

  • The docks are owned and maintained by Atwood Lake Boats and will be assigned by the Marina’s at their discretion.
  • All existing Dockers have the first option to renew their dock for the following season. They may do so by returning their docking renewal form, sent by the Marina in January, with payment in full by March 1st of the same year.
  • After all docking forms are received and payments are processed any unpaid docks will be reassigned. The docks first will be reassigned to existing Dockers desiring to change or upgrade their dock. The docks will then be given to customers who have been on a waiting list for docking at that Marina location.
  • Atwood Lake Boats has the right to hold docks in reserve for customers who wish to purchase boats from the Marina’s. The docks held may be equal to the number of boats for sale at any time.
  • Existing Dockers lose all rights to their docks, including refunds, upon the sale of their boat to another party. Those who purchase a boat from a previous Docker must come into the Docking Office at the Marina if they would like to dock at that marina, they can NOT assume the dock from the previous boat owner.
  • Atwood Lake Boats has the right to limit the size of boats requesting docking at the Marina’s. Oversized boats may be restricted due to the size of the docks available and the lack of equipment to safely handle them.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times in accordance with MWCD stipulations.
  • Please make sure your boat is properly tied to the dock.
  • If you plan to leave your trailer/cradle here on Marina property, please have your OH license number displayed on your trailer/cradle for reference purposes and notify the Docking Office with this information.
  • After payment of your dock in full, a docking permit will be issued which needs to be displayed on the back of your boat. This permit is proof to the MWCD Water Patrol the dock slip has been paid and you are permitted to dock in this slip.
  • Boats must be scheduled to be out of the water by October 15.