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Why Women Should Try Boating at Atwood Lake, Ohio

Women and kids at Atwood Lake on a pontoon

It is no secret women have always been behind the final say when purchasing a boat. More women than ever before are becoming comfortable behind the captain’s chair of boats across the US, especially on Atwood Lake!

There are many ways to gain confidence before getting behind the wheel:

  • Read a boating book
  • Subscribe to a popular boating magazine
  • Listen to boating podcasts
  • Take training courses

There are many online resources and free downloadable apps designed to help you take the helm confidently.

Atwood Lake is the perfect place to bring your friends and family! The picturesque views, on the water dining choices & 25HP limit all make for a great summer memory.

Is it easy to operate a pontoon or boat?

Atwood Lake has a 25 horsepower (HP) limit, providing beginners with an easy atmosphere to learn how to operate a pontoon or boat.

Operating A Pontoon or Boat

Operation is very simple. The throttle has forward, reverse with a middle area for neutral. The throttle handle also has a small switch to move the motor in and out of the water. This is called a trim button.

What is trimming?

Trimming is the definition of how far into the water your boat’s motor sits. Before you set off you will need to trim the motor down, so it sits into the water. A safety lanyard attaches to the key & clips right below. In an emergency the lanyard can be pulled and shut off the boat.

When starting the motor, ensure the motor is down, throttle is in the neutral position and turn the key to on. Steering is similar to operating a car. If renting a pontoon, our dock staff will always help you dock the boat upon arrival and departure.

How do I rent a pontoon or boat at Atwood Lake Boats?

Pictures of every boat rental option, as well as booking are available on our website here. We aim to make booking a rental at Atwood Lake easy & convenient.

Do I need a Boat License?

If born after January 1, 1982 a boat license is required for renting above 10HP. A link to obtain a lifetime license is sent with every confirmation, however we do offer a complimentary one-day license to all renters.

The test is given on the day of rental. We ask renters taking advantage of the complimentary one-day license to allow 30 minutes prior to rental to complete the test. All test materials including educational booklet are provided.

What types of pontoons and boats are available to rent from Atwood Lake Boats?

We offer a couple of different pontoon rental options:

  • Fishing Pontoon
  • Deluxe Pontoons
  • Value Pontoons


Our Fishing Pontoon is for 6 passengers or less, comes equipped with live well & rotating fishing seats.

Our deluxe pontoons are our most popular options. They are 1-2 year old boats fully equipped with everything needed for a comfortable day on the water. Deluxe models are available in 3 sizes based on how many passengers are setting voyage with you. We offer 8 passenger, 12 passenger (most popular) & 20 passenger. The 12 passenger has an optional tubing add-on available.

Our Value Boat can accommodate 18 passengers. This option is a no frill older model pontoon rental option. It still offers a comfortable day on the water.

Can I purchase a pontoon or boat from Atwood Lake Boats?

Atwood Lake Boats is Ohio’s Largest Pontoon Dealer. We offer pontoon models from Barletta, Harris, Sylvan & Viaggio. We place an emphasize on making boating easy & convenient for our customers by offering packages that encompass docking, winter storage & maintenance. Choose your model here.

What else is there to do at Atwood Lake?

Make a day of it with friends and family by grabbing a bite to eat at one of our restaurants or taking part in other outdoor activities.

Lighthouse Bistro

Lighthouse Bistro is located at West Marina. This lakefront upscale dining option offers fresh fish, gourmet sandwiches & a selection of unique entrees. A full bar completes the indoor and outdoor dining option.

Atwood Dock Grill

Atwood Dock Grill is a fast casual restaurant located on the water at our East Marina Location. Full bar, delicious selection of appetizers, sandwiches & flatbreads sure to please! 

Atwood Yacht Club

Atwood Yacht Club is a private, family-oriented social club located on the shore of Atwood Lake. AYC offers gorgeous lakefront views, fine dining, and an active social scene.

Members can enjoy crisp microbrews on the dockside patio or cool off in the pool. With over 100 private docks, members can escape to their boats and cruise 600 acres of Atwood Lake.

The Atwood Yacht Club also hosts private events, such as weddings, showers, business luncheons, proms, banquets, and more.


Atwood Lake Park

Are you looking for other fun activities? Atwood Lake Park offers bicycle trails, public beach access, camping (permanent & temporary) & an inflatable WhoaZone area.

About Atwood Lake & The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

Atwood Lake is part of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. The Muskingum River Watershed covers more than 8,000 square miles. It drains into the Muskingum River and is the largest wholly contained watershed in the state of Ohio, covering about 20 percent of the state.

The system of reservoirs and dams in the watershed offers flood reduction and water conservation benefits to the region’s property owners and residents. The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD), a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, is responsible for the development of the reservoirs and dams, as well as each lakes horsepower regulation.

Lakes Contained within MWCD:

• Atwood Lake
• Beach City Lake
• Charles Mill Lake
• Clendening Lake
• Leesville Lake
• Piedmont Lake
• Pleasant Hill Lake
• Seneca Lake
• Tappan Lake
• Wills Creek Lake

About Atwood Lake Boats

Atwood Lake Boats is known as Ohio’s Largest Pontoon Boat Dealer and the place to purchase a pontoon boat for many reasons, with the foremost being Ohio’s largest inventory selection. Visit our showroom in Mineral City to see our range of pontoons or view our inventory online here.

We also offer pontoon and boat maintenance and repair services, docking slips on Atwood Lake, boat storage, and pontoon rentals. We have two marinas on Atwood Lake where you can enjoy a range of activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, aqua-cycling, tubing, and dining. Learn more about docking your boat at an Atwood Marina here. Book your next rental here and follow us on Facebook to keep in touch!

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